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HTC Women's Club By-Laws

Article I

The name of this club shall be Heritage Todd Creek Women's Club (HTC Women's Club). HTC Women's Club is a “not for profit” club. The club is recognized as a 501(c)(7) of the Internal Revenue codes.

Article II


The HTC Women's Club will foster community among all HTC women through its various activities, by encouraging and sharing friendships and experiences for all.




The HTC Women's Club strives to promote friendship among all women residents by providing enrichment and social opportunities for all members; by encouraging participation in community and charitable endeavors sponsored by HTC Women’s Club; and by providing support and assistance to members facing personal emergencies or crises.


Article III


All members of the HTC Women's Club must be female residents of Heritage Todd Creek in Thornton, Colorado. The annual membership drive will begin on August 1 and completed by September 30 of each year. If a member does not pay dues by September 30 of each year, her name will be removed from all membership listings.


Women may join or renew at any time during the year at the full membership price. Membership dues may be reviewed and modified each year at the discretion of the HTC Women’s Club Board of Directors.


All members are expected to act in a civil and courteous manner at all gatherings of the HTC Women’s Club.


The HTC Women’s Club will never share a member’s personal information with anyone outside of the club.


During special events when photographers are present, it will be the responsibility of each member to notify the photographer(s) if she does not want her picture to be taken.

Article IV

Fiscal Year


The Fiscal Year for HTC Women's Club is August 1st through July 31st of each calendar year.

Article V

General Membership Meetings


Membership meetings shall be held annually unless unforeseen circumstances prohibit, restrict, or limit the meeting. The meeting shall be held at such time and location as determined by the director or her designee.

Article VI

Executive Board


Members of the executive board (sometimes referred to as "board" and/or "officers") shall consist of the following: Director, Assistant Director, Secretary, Treasurer, and Event Coordinator. The immediate past director may be a member of the board serving in a non-voting advisory role to the officers. The new officers will assume duties beginning at the August board meeting. Officers shall be entitled to one vote at any board meeting; provided, however, that in the event of a tie vote in the absence of an officer, the director shall be entitled to two votes in order to break that tie.


The executive board shall have general supervision of the affairs of the club, business meetings, time and place of meetings, recommendations and shall perform other duties as specified by these by-laws.


Executive board meetings shall be held a minimum of once each quarter. All discussions in executive board meetings will be held in strict confidence until such a time that all board members agree that the subject matter may be shared with membership.


Each new officer will be presented with a document entitled, “HTC Women’s Club Board of Directors’ Code of Conduct,” after accepting the position on the board. This document will be signed by the new officer and witnessed by another officer. If any officer breaks the code of conduct, they may be dismissed from their position and will not be eligible to serve again on the executive board. 

Article VII

Board of Directors


The board has the responsibilities for managing the affairs of the HTC Women’s

Club, its direction, program priorities, resource allocations and both financial performance and planning. The board of directors is the visionary body for the club. The ultimate responsibility for the club’s programs, activities, and fiscal integrity rests with the board of directors. The board sets the leadership tone by:

  1. Planning the future of direction of the club.

  2. Ensuring that the needs of the membership are met.

  3. Evaluating and approving the programs, priorities, and activities of the club.

  4. Establishing the policies to guide the conduct of the club.

  5. Managing the finances of the club.

  6. Upholding the bylaws of the club.


Director oversees operations of the club and promotes the club throughout the HTC community; presides at and attends all meetings of the board of directors and membership, appoints standing committees of the club, and serves as ex officio member of same; delegates responsibilities to other board members as necessary; organizes officer meetings and full membership meetings; establishes a format for communication of all activities and events; and develops the agenda for meetings.


Assistant-Director works closely with the current director to learn the duties and responsibilities of the position, with the intent of succeeding the director when the director's term is over. If the director, for any reason, vacates the position or is absent, the assistant director shall preside over meetings and be responsible to carry out duties of the director. She shall perform any duties that may be assigned to her by the director; assist other officers as appropriate and assist event committees when needed.


Event Coordinator works with all event committee chairs to ensure a timeline is followed for all events; elicits a team to assist her; is the liaison for scheduling events; reviews, revises, and signs all contracts after seeking board approval of such; coordinates events with clubhouse restaurant staff, other venue staff, and/or the HTC Lifestyle Director as needed; and keeps the director informed of all progress.


Secretary records minutes of board meetings and general membership meetings; records outcome of all elections and/or surveys; compiles board meeting minutes and forwards to all board members; maintains membership roster; ensures communication flows to membership; tracks officer term limits; works together with treasurer to ensure membership list is up to date; and works with the chair of the New Member Outreach Committee.  Prepares the slate of candidates for office to be voted on by the membership


Treasurer ensures the integrity of the fiscal affairs of the club; ensures that the financial records are accurately maintained; reviews expenditures and financial status on a regular basis to ensure overall fiscal integrity; follows established guidelines and principles for receiving dues from members as well as sales for events and the distribution of funds to the appropriate committees as needed; records expenses and income from each event, maintains any profits from social events in the general fund and, if applicable, distributes profits from charitable events to the designated charity as soon as all expenses have been paid out; ensures that regular financial reports are submitted to the board of directors; submits an annual report to general membership; assures that no major expenses are made without prior approval of the director; provides financial records to the auditor on or no later than October 15 of each year and works closely with the secretary regarding membership and signatories on checks.


Past Director may be a member of the board serving in a non-voting advisory role to the officers for two years. Serves as advisor to the acting director; supports and defends policies and programs adopted by the membership and board of directors; promotes interest and active participation on the part of the membership; assumes a key role in the orientation and transition of the assistant director to the duties of the director; responsible to the board of directors and to the membership for seeing that the programs and policies reflect the needs and aspirations of the membership


Article VIII

Elections and Voting


The director will survey current officers by April of each year to determine their desire to remain in office to fulfill their term. An announcement will be made to all members of the HTC Women’s Club, informing them of any board positions that need to be filled. If a member is interested in filling one of the open positions, she shall submit an application stating why she is qualified for the position, as well as any personal information she would like the membership to know about her. Her name will be added to the slate of candidates.


Elected officers shall serve a two-year term and shall consist of a Director, Assistant Director, Secretary, Event Coordinator and Treasurer. Any officer wishing to continue in her current position and is a board member in good standing, may apply for a second two-year term by submitting her application, along with any other members that may be interested in applying for the same position. An officer may also compete for a different board position for the upcoming term.  A member may only serve two consecutive terms in the same board position. After two terms, the member will have to vacate the position for two years. The member will be entitled to apply for a different position during that time period.


Should a vacancy for an elected office occur between elections, the board will announce to the membership that the position will be filled for the remainder of the position’s term. If any member is interested in filling the position, she shall submit an application stating why she is qualified for the position as well as any personal information that she would like the membership to know about her. Her name will be added to the slate of candidates.


The positions of director, assistant director, and secretary shall be voted in on even numbered years and the treasurer and event coordinator positions shall be voted in on odd numbered years. This will ensure that there will always be experienced board members serving on the board.


Each member is entitled to one vote. Voting will occur at a meeting of membership or electronically as determined by the board. A majority vote of members present will rule in all matters at membership meetings, or by majority of votes submitted electronically if electronic voting is used, including acceptance of any changes to the by-laws and subsequent revisions.


Solicitation of candidates for officer positions shall be via email or face to face. The secretary shall prepare the slate of candidates for office. The slate of candidates shall be presented to the membership prior to the start of the new fiscal year. If more than one candidate is vying for a position, majority votes win. If no names are submitted for an office, the executive board shall continue to solicit qualified officers for the coming year.

Article IX

Standing Committees


Standing committees are appointed by the director and will be considered as permanent until it is decided by the board of directors that the committee is no longer necessary for the betterment of the membership. Each standing committee chair shall give a yearly report at the annual meeting.


Sunshine recognizes each member’s birthday, sends a sympathy card to a member who has lost a spouse/partner, child or parent and sends a charitable donation up to $50 after the death of a member of HTC Women's Club; and submits timely receipts for reimbursement to the treasurer to be included in the annual report. The Sunshine chair will work directly with the secretary of the board for questions on membership and general direction on meaningful communication to membership.


New Member Outreach works closely with all new members in welcoming them into the club; helping them get involved with committees or other activities and promoting friendships within HTC Women's Club and the community. The New Member Outreach chair will work closely with the secretary in identifying all new members and in all communications sent to new members.


Event Coordinator Team works closely with event coordinator to help with any event, planning, or additional needs that the event chair may need. If the event coordinator is unavailable, the committee will assist with all event needs. The members of this committee will be chosen by the event coordinator.


Helping Hands works within the HTC community to assist all homeowners with the following services: meals, errands, and wellness visits.


Article X



These by-laws of the HTC Women's Club shall be subject to revision as needed. New and/or revised by-laws shall be presented in writing at any meeting of the HTC Women's Club or electronically as determined by the board and may be adopted by a simple majority vote of the voting members present.

Article XI

Adoption of the By-Laws


The undersigned hereby certifies that these revised by-laws were reviewed by the membership of the HTC Women's Club on January 21, 2022, and any revisions have been made.

Director: Kathy Thweatt


Approved: January 21, 2022


Revised: May 8, 2023

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