Member Spotlight

Kathy Hoff, Event Coordinator

HTC Women's Club

This month’s Women’s Club Interview features Kathy Hoff, our industrious event coordinator.  


Kathy grew up on a farm in North Dakota. She likes to say that “If you grew up in rural North Dakota, you left as soon as possible.” She met her husband, Glen, in Fargo and together they moved to Colorado. Kathy and Glen have been married 36 years and together have two daughters with seven grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. Kathy is fortunate to have some of her great grandchildren close by enabling her to occasionally babysit.


Kathy originally worked as a sales representative with BlueCross/Blue Shield in Fargo. When she left North Dakota, she transferred to the same company in Denver. Over the years she was an employee benefits broker working with various insurance companies to determine the best plans for employers and employees. It is possible that some HTC residents may have talked Kathy on the phone for benefit information. Her largest client was Trans-West Trucking Company.


A serious car accident in June of 2018 was the impetus for her move to HTC. While driving on highway 287, just south of the Wyoming border, she hydroplaned, rolled the car, and broke her femur. Due to surgery and her long, non-weight bearing recovery, her long-time Broomfield home, with its stairs, became a difficult living situation for her.


A friend recommended that Kathy and Glen check out HTC, and they fell in love with the community. “Driving through the entrances felt like coming home.” Interestingly, the day Kathy and Glen moved in, she fell again re-injuring her newly repaired femur. So, back to the hospital and more recovery. True to HTC hospitality, her new neighbors, Candy Edwards and Brenda Anderson, started a meal train.


Kathy and her husband love to travel and their “Band of Brothers” tour, visiting all the famous battle grounds of D-Day was a special trip. She especially likes to travel to places that incorporate history.


Kathy loves the freedom of scuba diving and is looking forward to booking a dive trip soon. She also plays canasta and is involved with creative memories scrapbooking.


A fun fact from Kathy is that she is famous in her hometown for driving backwards on a gravel road eleven miles to get her friend’s home from the Homecoming event. Her mom took the mileage down on her pickup and told Kathy she couldn't drive more than the miles it took her to go to town and back. Little did her mother know, that when you drove the ‘ole 65 Ford pickup backwards the miles came off. Kathy was a smart and excellent driver!


HTC Women’s club is blessed that Kathy is the events coordinator for the many outstanding opportunities that help bring the members together. She wants to remind everyone to mark your calendars for the September 10, Women’s Club barbecue! 


Thank you, Kathy, for your expertise in planning the Women’s Club events!

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