Member Spotlight

 Becky Williams, Secretary

HTC Women's Club

If you ask Becky where she grew up, she might answer with a smile, “I just haven’t yet!” Actually, she was born in Salem, Oregon, but grew up in small towns mostly in the Midwest. While attending college in Springfield, Missouri, she met the love of her life and within two years, they were married. Forty-seven years later, she says marrying Dave was her best decision. They started their married life in Wichita, Kansas, which felt like a “big city” to Becky but two years later, Dave was transferred to New York City where they both worked in the Wall Street district. Talk about culture shock! To Becky, it was like being Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz and she loved the adventure! They now have two married children and five grandchildren that they adore. Although she has lived in several states, Colorado has been home for almost 24 years.

When their first child was born, Becky made the decision to be a stay-at-home mom for several years, which she absolutely loved. During those years she also dedicated a lot of time to volunteering. Some of her most rewarding experiences were discovering and developing talent for the musicals she directed for several years. She also did some speaking at women’s conferences and wrote a few published articles. Once her children were raised, she had a fulfilling career in non-profit organizations and eventually supporting top executives in “corporate America” until her retirement in 2019.

Becky approaches life as an adventure and loves to embrace new experiences. She loves to travel and encounter different cultures and, of course, that includes amazing and sometimes strange foods! She says her bucket list is getting ridiculously long. Becky enjoys being with people and especially loves outings with her grandchildren, but she also enjoys quiet times at home reading, writing, organizing, baking and planning their next adventure.

Getting away from multi-level stairs was the catalyst to them moving from their home in Erie. They had no plan of moving to a 55-plus community but when Becky unexpectedly found HTC, they immediately felt like this was home. Since moving here in August of 2021, Becky says they have thrived from all the wonderful relationships they have built while engaging in this active community.

Becky laughs when she tells the story about the beginning of her marriage. Keystone was their honeymoon destination and since she had ridden a horse at church camp a couple of times, she assumed she was expert enough to teach Dave how to ride. He did fine, but she lasted about three minutes on the horse before he decidedly threw her off, resulting in a concussion and scrapped up body! Poor Dave was reduced to sleeping on the couch because she was so dizzy and nauseous. He declares he checked the fine print in the marriage license but couldn’t find a loophole, so he decided to stick it out. I guess it worked!   

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