Reading Literacy Program Ending

It’s back to school time and traditionally this is when I started the fund drive for the Reading Literacy Project. For fourteen years I collected money, Nora Cordrey bought books and volunteers signed up to read and distribute the books to the children at North Elementary and Northeast Elementary, 27J School District.


We successfully completed our mission by putting

16,514 new books into the hands of these students!  


I have decided to discontinue the Reading Literacy Project. The desire to retire, as well as the complications of the pandemic, were the factors that I considered in making this decision. After talking with 27J administration, I learned that guidelines do not allow us to read or distribute the books to the children. Remaining donations in our account will be used to purchase books and all the books in the inventory will be divided among children in 27J District. 


I want to express my deep appreciation to everyone who donated funds and to every volunteer that donated time to read to the students. YOU made the project a fabulous success! 


With profound gratitude,  

Nancy Skeels