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Giving Hearts is a philanthropic committee of the HTC Women’s Club, created to selflessly serve our neighboring communities through partnering with a 501c nonprofit. 





Our inaugural organization is A Precious Child whose mission is to “provide children in need with opportunities and resources to empower them to achieve their full potential.” A Precious Child focuses on every aspect of a child’s development…from Cradle to Career and from home life to social activities and schooling.  


Basic essentials and services are provided through the main Empowerment Resource Center in Broomfield and 8 counties are served.  The Resource Center offers family services aimed at guiding and supporting families as they work towards achieving self-sufficiency. There is a cost-free store for eligible families stocked with clothing, food, home goods, toys, books, diapers and baby essentials.


In addition, A Precious Child has programs focused on the social and emotional well-being of the child (i.e. arts, sports, holiday gifts, mentoring) as well as providing educational support, such as computers, calculators and tutoring. There is also a Precious Perks Workforce Development program that provides work-based learning to young adults 15-24.


Some statistics for 2022 regarding the families served:


  • 26,203 children and 2,809 adults were served in Adams County

  • 21% of families have experienced homelessness within the last year

  • 29% of families have someone in the household diagnosed with a disability

  • 92% of families make at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level


The donation and volunteer opportunities are numerous and the opportunity to make a difference is enormous.



Giving Hearts plan is to donate products and/or volunteer with A Precious Child on a quarterly basis.  Coordinating with A Precious Child on what will most likely be needed each quarter, the following is our tentative 2024 schedule:


1st Quarter…donation drive for hygiene products, one of the items of greatest need. This would include general products as well as items specific to adult caregivers and children. Drive to be held March 1 – 14.


2nd Quarter…group volunteering at the Broomfield location of A Precious Child in June (exact date TBD). Carpooling to the facility from the Clubhouse to be scheduled with the possibility of a group lunch afterwards. Group volunteer shifts are typically booked Monday – Friday in 2-hour increments.  Sorting through in-kind goods (mostly clothing) will most likely be the volunteer need at the time.


3rd Quarter…donation drive for school items in conjunction with A Precious Child’s Fill A Backpack program. Exact Dates and items to be coordinated with A Precious Child as the time approaches.


4th Quarter… group volunteering at the Broomfield location in December to help sorting and bundling gifts in conjunction with their holiday Precious Gift program.


If additional needs arise during the year, we will consider providing donation or volunteer support on a case-by-case basis.  

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